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You go after the Venusaur. He atacks you with a Razor Leaf. Sharp leaves spray out at you.

You counterattack with a Safeguard. Surprisingly, it works like a Protect and blocks every leaf. It stays on you, too!

You start flapping your wings, faster and faster. You form a mini-tornado. The Gust hits Venusaur and knocks him out.

Unfortunately, you have overlooked something. Umbreon was behind Lugia when you were battling. She saw her chance.

Now he's under a Curse. His health is slowly draining.

You should have gone after your weakness first.

You see the Umbreon attacking Lugia with a Faint Attack. He's defenseless. Too weak for a Recover.

All the other Pokemon surround you and corner you. You are forced to watch the hated Masterball fall and take away your only friend. Then, one comes for YOU.

Written by Lugia Master

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