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A Career Move

Sick as it sounds, the prospect is appealing. A chance to scare a few of those puny little one-shaped humans without being harassed? And free meals! You look at the vampiress and grin. "Where do I sign on?"

She smiles and beckons you down a hallway, at the end of which is a door with a very modern-looking lock on it. It seems to register her fingerprints, DNA, whatever. "Magic wards are OK for effect," she explains, "but you just can't beat modern technology for reliability." The room resembles some kind of operations centre, with a large illuminated map of the area. Sections of it are colour coded, and there are flashing lights in certain places.

"Welcome to my control centre!" she declares proudly. "Good, eh?" You try to stop your jaw hitting the floor.

"Why so much equipment?"

She raises an eyebrow. "It takes a lot to keep this place organised." She walks over to the map and picks up a pointer. "Alright. I'm generally an easygoing employer. I don't give you target rotas or person-by-person agendas, and I don't care about reports or paperwork. I just want results. But," she suddenly turns and, seemingly without effort, lifts you off the ground with one hand, "if I give an order and you disobey, I'll be having a new wolfskin coat." You give a strangled yelp as she drops you.

All smiles again, she says "Just to know where we stand. So which area do want?" She taps several unhighlighted areas on the map. "You could start in the middle of town. It's cushy: The people already know how to cower properly, so it'd be an easy start."

She points to a slightly larger area of green. "Being an outdoors-y type, you might prefer this plot in the valley. More chance of pitchforks and torches, but quite good pickings if you're smart. Some beautiful vistas, too."

She points to another remote part beyond the castle. "Then there's the mountain. Not many monsters want this spot, because Ol' Firestarter lives at the summit. It hasn't stopped a fair number of humans making a town or two, though, and there's plenty of shepherds. Mind you, those people are tough." She grimaces; obviously not monster friendly. "You'd need to be good to make a living there. Of course, the more risk, the greater the reward." Your ears perk at the mention of 'reward'.

She turns to you. "Those are the vacancies. Of course, if they don't appeal, you could always try for a position that's already.. occupied." She leaves it hanging in the air. "Or you could stay in the castle for a while, until something turns up. Be a temporary lap dog." She smiles warmly.

So, which is it to be?

Written by Lupine (edited by wanderer)

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