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Doubting Tomcat

"Ha ha", you say to yourself, "this must be some sort of sick joke someone is playing on me."

Looking around for cameras, you carefully smooth your hair back, somehow not realizing you are using your tongue instead of your hand.

"No way can my family be a bunch of wildcats and raccoons.", you reply. "That isn't something that happens overnight...I would remember that.What are you going to tell me next, the animals in the forest are really humans? Now, please, whoever is doing this, come out!"

The squirrel shakes his head and sighs, pulling out a small mirror from a bag strapped to his back. "Look and see, Mr. Doubtful."

You look and see a striped bobcat staring back at you from the mirror. You let out a loud, earpiercing scream, knowing that this can't be a joke.

The squirrel wraps his tail around your mouth. "Shh...we can't have the whole world knowing about this..."

Written by Kryptonia (edited by wanderer)

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