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Men In White

That's the last straw. You can't take any more.

"That's the last straw!" you scream. "I can't take any more!"

As Jake and Fred watch wide-eyed, you perform the classic "cartoon character goes insane" routine. You begin by somersaulting about the room, shrieking like a madman. You continue by yanking on your tongue like a rubber band, ringing your head like a bell, and making "buh-buh-buh" sounds by flicking your lips with your finger. For a finale, you repeatedly bash yourself in the head with a large mallet.

"No!" cries Jake, genuinely concerned. "Don't do that! They'll ..."

But it's too late. Already a pair of burly Men In White Coats has burst into the room, armed with the obligatory butterfly net and straitjacket. Before you know it, you have been netted, bound in the straitjacket, and tossed in the back of an ambulance. As Fred and Jake sadly wave good-bye, the ambulance rockets you to the Fruitcake Asylum, its siren blaring all the way.

Written by Funny Animal (edited by phaedrus)

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