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Luke's story

"And it was there that the evil Mage Kane saw Annabelle's great beauty. But she was pledged to me!", Luke finishes.

He looks at you and continues, "He turned me into this creature and vanished, using a bright gold coin to cast his spell. I must find one of these coins to undo the evil. Isn't that right, Annabelle?", He looks longingly at Grandma Betters.

Grandma scratches him softly behind the ears as he kneels by her chair. "Mick will help us dear. Won't you?", she smiles sweetly at you.

You pause to wipe away a single tear after this sad story.

"Of course I will", You assure her, "But first we need someone who knows about these things. Someone with great knowledge and vast resources who can solve the puzzle of the gold coin. We'll call Alice!", you assert.

Luke turns your way. "Is she a great Magician?", he asks.

"Even better", You reply. "She's a librarian!"

Written by Doctord (edited by wanderer)

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