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In search of a Mage.

You enter the house, the wolf trailing behind, looking for the Yellow pages. It's apparent you're not an experienced mage hunter.

Grandma Betters rocks patiently in the parlor, sees the wolf.

"What an ugly dog." she comments.

"My complements to you madam." the Wolf replies.

Grandma peers intently over her specs; Her eyes widen.

"It's you!" She exclaims.

You put down the yellow pages, having failed to find anything remotely resembling "mage" and stare at grandma.

"You know this ah--animal?", You ask, "No offense meant." you quickly add, turning to the Wolf.

"None taken." Luke replies, sitting back on his haunches, "We have met."

"It is a long story, but It may help us in our quest." He continues.

You seat yourself on the sofa, and listen intently as he speaks.

"It was raining; I sought shelter in a small cafe I often frequented. As luck would have it..................."

Written by DoctorD

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