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A Twist of Fate

The walk to Fred's house isn't long, and the night air is cool and refreshing to your sleepy lungs. Coming up to the stoop, you see that Fred was wrong. The Ben and Jerry's has indeed melted. It's a royal mess here. Eggs, yoghurt, butter, and cottage cheese drip off of the porch into the flower bed.

You reach out for the key and begin to twist, but as you do, a jolt of electricity leaps up your arm. You reflexively let go. You hold up your hand to your face to check for injuries, but you aren't prepared for what you see. Your sleeve is disintegrating. The fibers are seperating and vanishing into the ether. Even more alarming, though, is what is happening to your hand.

Your nails are darkening and your fingers are shortening. Hair... no... FUR is covering your hand and arm. Up toward your torso the changes progress, too fast to take in. You only just start to understand what is happening when you realize that you are down on all fours and covered with a fur coat that you grew yourself.

You are something from the weasel family, it seems. As the full impact of what just took place hits you, you sit down and suck on your tail like a scared little infant.

Then something grabs your attention. There is delicious food all over the floor. Forgetting your troubles, you dig in.

"Oops." says Fred.

Written by Oren the Otter

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