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Somewhen Else

In another place and time, a being quietly converses with others. "He escaped. We don't know how he escaped, but there can be no doubt."

The beings watch a large black cube suspended by nothing in the front of the room. It is large, and shimmers with light not reflected. "But we have searched every known locus, yet nothing. If he were dead we would know."

"He has moved to somewhere else altogether. I told you he was too clever and independant. Now things have turned, ah, problematic."


You stare at the grey squirrel, trying to cope with what you've just seen. It's not as if the idea is foreign to you. Books you've read, games you've played, they all speak of such things. It's just that you weren't prepared for something with such solid edges. It's not as if you have to believe in the shifting form in front of you; there is nothing to believe. It is there as much as the keys in your hand are there. You don't believe in your keys. They are there.

The squirrel says, "Glad to see that you are awake. Is there something I can do to make this easier for you?"

"Yes", you say, "Please go away. I was having such a nice day..."

There is a flickering of light and in a moment a boy stands in front of you. "You've never come across a shifter before, have you? It's a perfectly normal way of life. Now, let's get to business. Do you have anything to eat?"

Written by Referee

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