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You and Luke begin to walk down the street, and turn the corner, chatting in that over-the-table manner folks often use. Suddenly, the mage appears in front of you!! He is clad all in bread, making a strange sight indeed.

"COWER BEFORE THE AWESOME MIGHT OF THE BREAD MAGE!" he screams! Luke cowers behind you, whimpering. You just stand, awestruck by the amazing stupidity of the "bread mage."

"I said COWER!!" You cock your head to the side and laugh a bit.

"COWER? Before you?!" you say.

"FOOL!! For your arrogance and for befriending this human turned wolf turned human turned turtle turned cat turned wolf again, I shall turn you into something.......say.... what in the world should I turn you into anyway?"

Written by Yote (with edits by Phaedrus)

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