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Bringing The Wolf Home

The moment has come. You've actually used a gun to shoot, and kill something. Finding it still alive, you feel it well up inside you: remorse. When you thought it was dead, the feeling of remorse was irrelevant - it was dead, get over it.

But now...

Not the worst rationalizer, you convince yourself that you only *thought* the wolf was talking earlier. Shocking enough seeing a wolf in the city and *shooting* it. Looking it over, you realize you must have missed, or maybe just grazed it somewhere and shocking it into unconciousness.

Aand... it's late. Any animal help centers in the area will be closed. You stand up, think, and finally decide to haul the wolf home.

Easier said than done. This thing was a monster! Easily as heavy as a man. Second thoughts pile up, making third, fourth, and fifth thoughts in your mind. But then you close your door, and the beast is inside.

Now what?

Written by picklejuice

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