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You get in your car and go to the wolves house. When you get there he invites you inside, you take the invitation. You go in to the house. It seemes pretty normal if you ask me. He asks you if you would like a glass of beer you say yes and he gets the glass and brings it to you.

As you drink the beer you relax you turn on his TV and the Planet of The Apes is on you diside to watch it. As you watch you realize how much better it would be to be an ape. But it is getting late and you leave.

When you get in your car you have a little trouble reaching the pedals and you feel a litle different. Your arms feel longer, legs shorter, feet are becoming more like hands in you shoes, you realize what is happening you are a chimp. You have finaly done it ever since you were a child you waited for this moment.

Written by ChimpBoy

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