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Ever read or watch "Thinner"?

"Hey! What are you doing!?" comes a loud yet strangled voice. You look up and see a hunched over man in some weird fancy clothing. He shuffles up and glares at his dog, and the smoking gun in your hand.

"It.. it was.. an accident?" You stammer, the really big growth on the side of the old man's face weirding you out.

The old man kneels, tears springing to his eyes. He sees the clean hole between the eyes. "Such precision is *no* mistake..." his voice, mangled by time, whispers barely within your range of hearing. JUST then, something happens to the dog. As a breeeze passing through gossamer, the fur ripples on its hide, and then - you KNOW it is dead.

The look of malevolence in the old man's eyes paralyzes you. He stands, reaches out a hand to brush your cheek, and whispers...

Written by Arthur J. Pearson

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