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Mission: Unchange History

"How it happened is still under investigation. We think someone or something prevented the proper human evolution a few billion years ago. Since you are not affected by the alterations, we would like you to help. I won't force you to, but for your own sake, and the worlds, please do."

You think on the matter for a bit before replying, "One question, what do I get out of it, aside from just restoring the world to what I know? For all I know this was the way it was supposed to be in the first place."

"Well, you will get a permenant place in the TARS. However, you probably will be unable to return to your previous life, even if we succeed in restoring it."

"Oh, well thats just grand. I can rescue my family from animalism, but I can't return to them. Anything else?"

"You might be interested to know that all members of TARS will be able to polymorph, much as I can. It's required for the job. We can't bring humans to a past without them, or dinosaurs to this time. There would be too much havoc."

This news catches your attention. Changing form had always been a dream of yours. Weighing it aginst not seeing your family agian seems heavy. Then you look again at eh picture and you quickly realize that you can't see them anymore anyway. They are all animals. Puting the wallet away, you nod to the squirrel. "Where do I sign up?"

Written by Phadin

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