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Even smaller world

You walk through the door and find yourself in what looks like a kid's playhouse. The walls are plastic, the windows have no glass, and the bed is little more than foam on a fixed plastic box. It's entirely done in pink, like a Barbie dream house. At the other side of the room is a pile of cloth. You walk over, and start to rummage through, hoping maybe there is a way of getting out of this insane place.

You find some of the girliest clothes you've yet encountered, and that's saying something! You find a ballerina costume, a pink party dress, a pink princess dress, all of it looks like normal clothes, but you get the feeling that you're doll-sized in a doll-house for a reason. There is even pink underwear for you. Hesitantly, you decide that the ballerina costume will allow you the most movement, and hopefully you'll be able to find some more appropriate clothes later. As you step into the costume, you feel its light silk tingle against your skin. You look down and see pink tights have appeared on your legs, and ballerina slippers on your feet.

But now what?

Written by Anonymous

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