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Dolly Dresses

She points at you, and your clothes begin to move around on their own. Your stockings slither up higher, your skirt turns bright pink, and layers of frothy petticoats appear underneath. Your top changes to a bright pink, and your sleeves contract, and form poofy little spheres around your shoulders. You look down and see massive cleavage as the new dress pushes up your bust, and you almost fall over as your shoes become 6 inch pink platforms. You turn and look at Britney, and you are both in pink dolly dresses, with your hair in pig tails, and your both of your skirts are so short that they barely cover the tops of your legs. Underneath, you can feel ruffles on your butt from your new underwear, and as you hesitantly take a step, you feel the swishy petticoat float around you, caressing your upper thighs. Britney goes from panic to pleasure, as do you.

It's Christina's spell! She made it so you enjoy being treated like her dolls! You and Britney uncontrollably giggle like little girls, and Christina joins in.

"That's my dollies!" she says. She runs up and grabs you both, pulling you in tight. She grabs each of your ruffled little bottoms, and rubs her breasts against yours. "So soft and sweet!" she says, "So, what do I want to play?" she has a devilish smile on her sweet face, and yet despite the fact that you're trapped, and forced to be her slave... you only feel anticipation at what she will do to you next.

Written by Anon

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