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This is what happens when you barge into someone's home

"What do we have here?" says a womans voice. Out from the darkness of the doorway steps a tall, beautiful woman with long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and once she removes her coat, you can see she has huge, beautiful breasts. Though you're still stuck curtseying in your little girl dress, your eyes wander and you feel a strange tingle from your new body.

"You don't look like a typical thief... I bet you got lost... didn't you, sweetie? You look so adorable in that outfit, too." She giggles and brushes your cheek reassuringly. "Don't worry. My name is Anna, and I'll take care of you from now on. Now be a good little girl and take my coat."

You obey without realizing, and soon it dawns on you that you are completely at this woman's mercy!

Written by Anon

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