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Dishwashing Woes

As you look around, you notice that the dishwasher has been left open. You peer inside and see all manner of nasty bits of leftover food sludge clinging to all manner of ceramic and stainless steel. Cringing, you decide to at least try to help out. You grab the dish soap (not thinking) and pour some into the dishwasher. You close it, and turn it on, and continue to look around.

You find some pots, some pans, spices, a coffee maker, an apron, some cleaning gloves, a cordless phone, some suds on the floor...

Uh oh...

Frantically, you run over, but you don't see the puddle until the last second. Your foot slips way up into the air, and you fall on your back hard onto the tile floor.

Coming to, you realize that you are still on the floor, and now covered with soapy water and suds. In fact, the whole kitchen is flooded now! You are laying on your back in about a centimeter of cold water, and your whole body is covered in soap suds. You get up, and wipe your face off, looking around. Wow, are you screwed when the owner gets home!

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