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Clothing Change

You press the button, but nothing happens. Maybe you need to press one of the other buttons. You press the channel-up button, and in an instant, your clothes are transformed. You now where low-cut and tight fitting denim jeans with a tight sweater. Your jaw drops, and you hit another button. Now you find yourself wearing a black miniskirt with a black spandex top and black stockings. You hit it again, and find yourself in a pair of pink running shorts and a pink jacket over a white sports bra. You click it one more time and find yourself in a sexy little black dress with high heels that, strangely, don't hurt your feet as much as you expected. You look in the nearest mirror, and see an incredibly hot woman looking back at you.

"I might keep this," you say, fascinated with the device's... potential.

Written by an anonymous author

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