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Next outfit...

Using an astounding leap in logic, you realize that the dress is what transformed you. And maybe you can find some men's clothes and change back to your former self! As you rummage through the closet, unfortunately, you come up empty. Only clothes for women.

Well, you could always try something else on. There's a very frilly little number in front of you, with a petticoat. Curiousity gets the better of you, and you grab the dress. You pull off the sundress, and put on the petticoat, and the new blue, fluffy acquisition. Instantly, you feel a change. You can tell the dress is a sort of Lil' Bo Peep kind of dress, but obviously a fantasy costume probably not for wearing in public. You look in the mirror, and you are stunning! Your hair is long, blonde, and curly. Your breasts are pushed up and out, creating a chasm of cleavage. You feel you must complete the outfit... you grab some white knee-highs and white platforms. You look at yourself again, and feel aroused! You used to DREAM about girls looking this good.

Written by Anon

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