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You run for the stairs, but your ballerina slippers don't have very good traction on this rug. You slide past the stairs, and fall into the bathroom again!

"Oh no!" you say as you hear the shower stall door fly open. There's the shower head again. It wraps around one of your tiny legs as it pulls you in. You scream, even more high-pitched than before. Once inside, the shower head wraps around you again, only this time you are far too small to fight back. The stall quickly floods as you are forcefully bathed for the second time. Your fairy wings broke off outside, and soon you are treading water two feet above the floor. You try to swim down for the stopper again, but for some reason, it's more difficult now that you're shorter. Soon, though, the shower begins to empty itself, and as you float back down, you notice something else entering the room. You can't really see, but you think you might have seen those evil toys again!

As soon as the door opens, yor and your soaked pink form fall onto the floor, and see an army of little fuzzies waiting for you. They begin the same dance again, only once they strip the tutu off of you, they put your little body into a poofy pink party dress with white tights and mary janes. Then they scatter, suddenly, like roaches when the lights come on. Carefully, and slightly frightened, you step out of the room. With timid steps you consider entering the other bedroom, but you're afraid of what THAT might do to you. Instead, you try to creep quietly down the stairs.

Written by anon

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