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Who does he think he is?

You tire very quickly of his babbling, after all you know you should be a man, and all he's doing is emphasising your female form.

You raise the sword up, and with a mighty swipe cleave his head from his shoulders.

The head bounces on the floor, looks up and says "I suppose you think that's funny!".

You look on in stunned belief as his headless body calmly bends down and re-attaches the head.

In fear of what he might do, you run off deep into the caves. Just as you think you are safe, a ball of light bounces into your cave and strikes you.

You fall to the floor clasping your rapidly changing body, terrified of what might happen to you now.

As a woman you were at least human, but this feels like it could be something very different!

Written by Karen Ford

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