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I wonder if my new body will get around as easy as the Jessica Rabbit's did in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

You get to the hospital and realize that all of your old memmories are being replaced with these new ones... but then you can't remember what the old ones are and what has been changed as far as you can tell you've been Jessica Rabbit since you can remember and you've been married to Roger Rabbit some so-&-so years.

Anyway in your ver exaggerated female body you spin around your car with a great amount of ease. The has also changed to a beautiful white convertible from the 30's. You help poor Bugs out. Remembering Bugs and Roger have have always been good carrot buddies.

Betty Boop comes over to give you a hand with Bugs. The Doctors take him inside after that and you make a call to Roger.

Roger says, "Why, whooooo woooould dooo such a thing to my pooor pal Bugs? I'll give Eddie a call, he'll get to the bottom of this."

You giggle at Roger, remembering you married him cause he could make you laugh.

You and Betty talk for a while and then the Nurses ask you to leave, because Bugs needs to rest. The two of you go on your way.

You wonder if you have to sing at the bar tonight

You take off for...

Written by Top Heavy

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