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One good thing out of this... no period for 9 months.

"Petros!" You scream, "Please don't do this to me!"

Petros just smiles at you says something you can't understand and you leg spead apart and you skimpy dress flys off over your head.

He says, "Quiet woman! You are mine prize. All that enter The Cave of the Damned are entitled to a prize if they survive. I have my prize and I will have it."

His clothes fade away and you try as much as you can to resist but he's too strong. and you legs won't cooperate you feel him enter you, and it feels sooooo good you moan and cry. You can't believe that your getting off on it but you are. The two of you make love for what seems like 2 days.

When Petros says, "I think I have had my fill." And gets off you.

You lay there for a while in the afterglow.

Petros starts to dress himself. You begin to think... if I enter the cave again I'll get a prize if I maje it out. I could Change myself back to a man... but then again you did enjoy it.

You get off the ground and notice the enterance to the Cave, a large beautiful castle in the distance, a Dark evil look Forest, a more inviting forest filled with friendly animals, and you only clothing is missing as well as Loverboy Petros and some foot prints.

What to do?

Written by Steve

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