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Battle for the Temple of Vorrax.

Groaning, you awake. Torchlight illuminates the cavern, and around the altar that you lie on stand dark robed shapes, chanting a vile dirge.

"Who are you?" you exclaim, tugging at the invisible force that holds you fast upon the altar. "Why are you doing this to me?"

The dark figures do not answer, seeming to feed upon your fear. They close in upon you from all sides, chanting faster and faster. You heart races faster and faster, and you scream, your terror growing.

"Worroth kachanga hulemack!" cries out the figure closest to your head. "Karax vahaga shnellem ortho pedic cervuvir!"

"No!!!" you plead, anticipating a sacrificial ritual. "Please, let me go!"

Then you hear a loud crash farther down in the cave, as if a door just buckled and burst off it's hinges. "Release her." states a calm and stately man's voice, resonating with power.

The dark robed figures around you respond negatively. They start shrieking and surge in the direction of the voice. Barely able to turn your head that way, you discern your would-be saviour - a young man in crimson cloth wrapped tight around his body. In his right hand he holds a gleaming nine-foot sword, which he immediately uses to cut the dark figures in half. They scream and die, vainly trying to reach him, and before the minute is through he alone stands among a smoking pile of dark robes, which swiftly putrefy and dissapear.

"Lie still." he says, approaching you. "Move not a finger, for the spell I'm bout to cast shall shatter the hand of Vorrax that holds you. But if you move, it will shatter you as well, so for the sake of all that's goodly, be still!"

You obey, holding your breath and trying to be utterly still. The man recites something under his breath, and you feel a warm glow wash over you.

"Get up now." he says. "You are free."

"Who are you?" you say, getting up and shuddering from the ordeal you just went through.

"My name is Petros, but my friends call me the Wild One." he says with a gleam in his brown eyes. "Quickly, we must away before more of the priests come. I shall carry you through the worms, milady."

But it's too late! Just as he is gently hoisting you over his shoulder, another door on the other side of the cave bursts open. A giant, hideously hairy beast with blood-stained claws emerges and runs in your direction! Petros mutters a silent spell...

Written by Sir Dagobert

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