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What the...

The satanic ringing of your new alarm clock yanks you from your nightmare. You gasp and sit up in bed with sweat running down your face and stinging your eyes. The swaet drips onto your bedsheets and slowly burns a smoking hole through the fabric that the droplets hit. "Shit. This is the third time this week!" you groan.

You start to climb out of bed when the unmistakable smell of brimstone (a cross between sewage and smoke, if you must know) fills your large bedroom. A figure slowly materializes in the center of the room. "Hey! No visits unless I say so!" you shout angrily. The figure ignores you and continues to well, materialize as you glare in it's general direction.

Moments later an extremely sexy seven foot tall demon comes into view. The demon has skin whiter than Ryou Bakura's and his hair is white with natural ice blue tips. The demon's golden eyes bore into your very soul as he stares at you with a smirk on his lips.

"Hello, Princess."

You sigh.

"Hello, brother."

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