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Your car is spared

Luckily for you, the red PT Cruiser steers wide to the left and avoids your car completely. You hear the Cruiser's brakes squeal, and it turns around and comes back in your direction. This time, though, the Cruiser is moving at a safer speed.

The Cruiser pulls up alongside you, and a gentleman with grayish hair and a white lab coat steps out of the car. He is holding some sort of odd-looking device. "Hello," he greets you and Richard.

"Who the hell are you?" Richard asks the man in his newly acquired female voice. "Did you do this to us?"

"Oh, my," the man says worriedly. "It seems my invention worked a bit too well. I suppose I owe you both an explanation."

"Uh, I'd say SOMEONE owes us an explanation," you retort. You grasp your new breasts and juggle them. "Not that I don't find myself attractive . . . it's just that I wasn't planning on changing into a girl today!"

"Relax, gentlemen . . . er, I mean, ladies . . . I mean . . . just allow me to explain."

Written by an anonymous author

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