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Mistress Laurie and "Suzette" take a trip to the mall

"'Doll?' Uh, you've got the wrong person for playing dress up," you protest.

"Do I?" Mistress Laurie laughs. "You are certainly dressed for the part, it would seem. Now, let's get ready to go to the mall."

She gestures and closes her eyes. Your French maid clothing starts to transform. You soon find yourself wearing a white skirt covered with dandelions. The skirt ends just above your knees. You also have on a yellow tank top. A white bra and panties lie underneath your outer clothing. On your shoes are a pair of white high heels, three inches each. The makeup you were wearing as a French maid has disappeared. Your face now has more conventional women's makeup, including blood red lipstick, a light amount of eye shadow, mascara, and a hint of blush on your cheeks. Your blonde hair flows straight down over your shoulders.

You feel an urge to show yourself off, and you do so. You twirl, causing your skirt to lift up slightly and your panties to show for brief instances. Then, you curtsey at Mistress Laurie.

"I'm ready, Mistress!" you declare gleefully. "Holy cow, did I just say that?" you think to yourself. "I didn't want to say that." You try to resist, but it seems that you are forced to act only as Mistress Laurie wishes you to act for now.

"Let's go to the mall!" Mistress Laurie says, transforming her clothing into a short denim skirt, heels, and a black tank top. You and Mistress Laurie vanish, then reappear in a women's public bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. "Wow. I'm beautiful," you think to yourself.

"Let's go, Suzette, we have a lot to do," Mistress Laurie calls, walking toward the door.

"Right behind you!" you reply against your will. You automatically follow Mistress Laurie out the door and down a hallway. When you reach the end of the hallway, you find yourself standing in a food court filled with people sitting at tables eating various meals. You recognize this food court, knowing that you are inside the Lakeside Mall, one of your favorite hangouts!

"Suzette, look to your left," Mistress Laurie whispers in your ear. You take a peek, then smile shyly and look toward Mistress Laurie again.

"I like them," you tell Mistress Laurie excitedly, still only saying what she wants you to say.

What did you see over there that you "liked?"

Written by an anonymous author

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