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Two girls who were once guys

"I have no idea what happened, other than the obvious," you tell the now-female police officer. "But at least now I'm not the only one who was affected."

"What do you mean, Stephanie?" the officer asks, puzzled. Her pouty lips lower into a frown.

"I'm not Stephanie," you tell the officer. "I was changed from a man to a woman, exactly like you just were. I used to be a guy named Justin until weird voodoo magic or something turned me into a woman."

"Oh," the officer says. "So what name can I call you, if not Stephanie?"

You consider that for a moment. "As long as I'm a girl, I guess it'd be silly for you to call me Justin," you chuckle. Go ahead and call me 'Stephanie' for now."

"Well, 'Stephanie'," the officer says with a grin, "you can call me Richard."

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