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Disarming the officer, who is helpless to stop you while you wield your pickle

After dropping her weapon, the officer raises her hands. "You and your pickle won't get away with this even if you shoot me," she says defiantly.

"What the @#$*????" you think to yourself. This whole situation gets more and more confushing. For the moment, though, it seems that you are now in control. You decide not to ask why this officer is worried about getting shot by your pickle. Maybe she has poor eyesight?

You reach down and pick up the officer's gun, keeping the pickle trained on her. She clears her throat, feeling slightly thirsty. You spring toward her and aim the pickle at her head.

"Do it, you @#$*" she growls at you. "Kill me." The officer stands still, keeping her hands straight up in the air and wondering what in sam hill you intend to do with her.

Written by an anonymous author

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