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Oh, my! Mistress is grabbing my ass!

You and Britney give a performance that would impress even the world's most skilled prima ballerinas. As you pirouette and gracefully move across the floor, your tutu skirt bounces up and down. You occasionally catch flashes of Britney's panties underneath her tutu as she dances.

When you and Britney finally stop dancing, Mistress Laurie breaks into applause. "Bravo!" she cries. "I will now throw each of you a bouquet of red roses, and you each will curtsey and then pick up your bouquet and walk over to me."

You and Britney smile and curtsey prettily. You wonder how much your butt is exposed when you bend over in the tutu skirt. The thought of someone looking up your skirt that way oddly intrigues you, but you attempt to hide that fact from Mistress Laurie. You don't want to give Mistress Laurie any motivation to leave you as her playtoy forever.

You and Britney each pick up a bouquet, then approach Mistress Laurie. She gives you a hug and reaches under your skirt to grab your butt. "Whoa," you say in your sweet alto voice, but Mistress Lauries just smiles and says, "You enjoyed that, didn't you, Missy?" And with that, you can't help enjoying the experience even though you know you should feel shocked.

Mistress Laurie moves over toward Britney, but Britney backs away. "Stay away from me," she says threateningly.

Mistress Laurie grins sarcastically and says, "Why, Britney, my dear, you WANT me to hug you and touch your cute little butt. Your only choice is to obey my commands."

With those words, Britney moves toward Mistress Laurie, her facial expression changing from fear and anger to a look of anticipation and desire. Mistress Laurie embraces her and pushes against the stiff taffeta material of her tutu skirt to reach her pink panty-covered ass.

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