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Mistress Laurie demonstrates her new powers

The next morning, you wake up and find that your clothes have changed. The French maid dress is gone, but the attire you're now wearing is equally slutty. You have on a black halter top with hints of plaid on the sleeves, a red plaid pleated skirt, and black thigh-high stockings with a lacy pattern. There is a black purse hanging from your shoulder.

Mistress Laurie walks in, smiling. She is wearing a yellow dress that looks like something from June Cleaver's closet. The skirt of her dress is fluffed up from the layers of petticoats underneath. When she sees you awake, she exclaims, "My magic worked!"

"Mistress Laurie, what is this for?" you ask, gesturing to your outfit.

"I'm experimenting with my new abilities," Mistress Laurie replies.

"New abilities?" you think. That doesn't sound like good news.

"Here, I'll show you," Mistress Laurie says. "Take the pocket mirror out of your purse." You comply with her request, opening a small compact. You can see your brunette image in the mirror. In your mind, you still think much like a male, and you probably would have a hard-on from looking at your reflection if you still had . . . .

Mistress Laurie's words interrupt your thoughts. "You are now a blonde," she says, motioning at you with her right hand.

You look in the mirror again. "Whoa," you manage to say, startled. Your brown hair has changed color. Mistress Laurie has changed your hair to blonde!

"That's not all," Mistress Laurie says. "Watch this." She motions at you again. "I command Britney Spears to appear in front of that window!" she says, pointing off to your right.

Suddenly, Britney Spears materializes. She's dressed in daisy dukes with a white tank top and high heels.

"What the . . . ." Britney says. Her mouth and eyes are open wide with shock.

Mistress Laurie laughs and says, "Britney Spears will freeze right where she stands. When I send her back to where she came from, she won't remember being here, and no one other than Missy and I will know that she was ever transported here."

With those words, Britney froze as still as a statue.

"There is now a calico housecat on the floor," Mistress Laurie continues. You hear purring and see a cat rubbing against the legs of the now-frozen Britney Spears.

You look at these events in awe. Mistress Laurie really HAS developed some new abilities. Fear builds up inside of you. What will she do now?

"With my new powers," Mistress Laurie says, looking at you with sparkling eyes, "I can do anything. Absolutely anything. I can alter reality however I want with just a few words. Now we can have some REAL fun!"

Written by an anonymous author

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