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Suddenly, you notice that someone's been watching you from the sidelines. Why didn't your antennae pick him up?

The man has long turquoise blue hair, and was wearing a purple and blue colored tunic with the same colored cape. His boots are strange looking, but also blue in color. He carries a sword and does not seem the least bit afraid of you. In fact, he smiles at you.

"Who are you?" you demand.

The man's smile widens. "My name is Alex. I have been watching you from afar. You fight very well. I teleported here just now to speak to you."

You are about to respond when the man you are holding starts to moan. "Please... help me..."

Alex makes no response but motions you to let him go. You do so, and the man stands up (with difficulty) trying to thank Alex.

"Are you crazy? You're too weak to be worth my trouble," he says and holds out his hand. Suddenly glowing blue rings of energy swirl around his body and a geyser appears beneath the man, launching him high into the air.

A 100-foot drop later, the man crashes into the ground with a sickening crack, and you can tell he's dead.

"Now, back to what I was saying..." Alex continues while you stand there in shock.

Written by Alex (edited by wanderer)

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