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How to get a gut: Taunt a Norse God

You continue driving down the road. You feel a lot better, now that 'Loki' is gone. Most likely you just fell asleep and had an odd dream. Well, whatever happened, you're back to normal now... or are you? You look down at yourself to make sure, and are surprised at what you see.

"Oh, man! Am I getting a gut??" you murmur, realizing you've put a bit of weight on. Suddenly, an irrational fear strikes through you as you remember what Loki said. You brush it aside and resolve to do a lot more exercise. But by the time you arrive in town, you can't deny it - something odd is going on. Your jeans, once reasonably baggy, are now stretched to breaking point. Your sweatshirt is indeed just that - soaked and dripping in sweat, and you can see your now ample gut protruding from your waistband.

What Loki said suddenly made sense - you're going to be twice the man he is. Yep - TWICE the man.

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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