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An explanation

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!" you yell, frustrated.

"Long story. Sit down, and I shall relate it." The old man called 'Velseth' grins.

"Sit on what?! An altar?" Velseth waves one arm, and suddenly a cushy chintz armchair is beside you. You sit on it and rest your elbows on your Amazonian legs.

"You see, Goblins are a dirty, foul race. They love causing pain and discomfort, and are basically scavengers. However, they are immortal - or rather, WERE immortal." The man called Velseth laughs nastily.

"What has that got to do with me?!" you yell, still frustrated and still VERY confused.

"Oh. Well, the Goblins have a prophecy, that one day a woman shall come and save them from the 'Opposers'. So, today, after the Goblins raided ANOTHER trade-ship, and killed MORE innocents, I turned the nearest person - you - into the woman they foretold. BUT, you were NOT a woman - you were but a man in disguise. So the prophecy was shattered and the goblins' immortality severed - then I teleported here and killed 'em. Complicated, eh?" After relating the long story, Velseth grins and conjures a cappuccino.

"But... what do I do now?" you ask.

"Oh, entirley up to you. Entirely. I'll turn you back into a man to resume your ordinary life - or into that woman you were in your car - you can be an Amazon, or anything you want. You can be an animal or another version of your own, normal self. I'm a mage of Transmutation - choose what you want, and you can be it for as long as you wish!

And with that in mind - what will you do next?

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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