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Double the scorpion, double the fun

As Loki gestures towards you and a sudden flash of pain sweeps over you, weakening you and driving you to your knees. You can feel the changes working through you again, as Loki works his dark magic upon you. Arms clutching your sides, you glare over at the prankster, seeing that he once again looks human, most likely to taunt you as you apparently transform even further from that which you desire; to be normal again.

There's a splitting along your sides, and you can only curl up in pain as additional limbs take form from your body. Unlike the scorpion legs you half expected, you see the new limbs forming into four pincered arms. More than just painful and horrifying, though, the change is actually quite awkward as well, as the arms, thickly muscled and encased in chitinous shells, quickly take up all the room along your sides. The shoulders of your uppermost pair actually grow a little higher as your body hunches somewhat, locating your head lower than your upper arms. Your lowermost pair is nearly mounted on your hips as they finish forming.

Things are far from done, however, as you feel another pair of legs growing in, like your existing ones; mostly human in shape, chitinous, with decidedly inhuman, clawed feet. Coming in from behind, they eventually arrange themselves around your hips at right angles to each other, making you effectively quadrupedal. Twice as many arms, twice as many legs....it doesn't take a genius to see what Loki meant by making you 'twice the man he was'. Unfortunately, that seems to mean twice the Scorpion-man, rather than human.

"Please...don't," you hiss through clenched mandibles as you feel the changes start in the rest of you. Loki, keeping an amused eye on your progress, just grins and chuckles softly, as though sharing a good joke.

"Oh, no, you were right. You're twice the man I am. Believe me, I can see it now."

Growth from your hips makes you wonder briefly if, perhaps, you're developing yet more legs, but such is not the case as you feel the new appendage forming behind you, pushing your tail off to one side as it forms alongside as an exact duplicate. You groan audibly as chitin scrapes chitin, as the thick bases of both tails find themselves uncomfortably wedged into the comparitively narrow right-angle between your two hind legs. Showing a surprising lack of foresight, Loki's magic doesn't alter your lower body to accomodate the changes, leaving you in an an uncomfortable situation.

You don't really have time to notice, however as a second pair of antennae curl out from the sides of your head, just beside your existing ones, while, strangely enough, you feel your face twisting, your mouth and mandibles actually sliding over to one side as your neck pretty much disappears, and your lower face grows thicker. A moment later, a second mouth opens, beside the first, and its own mandibles uncurl from within. Not unlike your tails, though, you find the center two mandiles actually scrape each other, and make it difficult to open them fully. As you watch them, you really get an eyefull as your eyes double as well, leaving you with four gleaming black orbs.

"This isn't happening," you groan, actually hearing yourself in stereo as you speak with both mouths. "I'm going to rip you limb from limb", you threaten, as you slowly prop your misshapen body up with one pincer, but to your dismay, you see no sign of Loki. Though his arrival never heralds anything good for you, you find yourself hoping that he *does* show his face again. For without him, you have no hope -that you know of- of ever changing back from this... freakish thing you've been turned into.

Written by Spidaur (edited by wanderer)

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