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Settle Down

Lightning shoots from the wizard's hands, frying the warrior, killing him. The wizard then casts a spell on the body, sending it to be buried.

You're enraged. "I will not be a pawn of prophecy! Never! I choose my own path!" suddenly you realize that the last time you said that a worm ate you...

The wizard smiles. "Fine, m'lady," he says, "But you will likely find that you don't have much control. Actually the prophecy does tell of a tomboyish woman...but if it makes you feel better I will not tell you what exactly they prophecy says so you will feel like you are making the decisions."

You growl in disgust.

"Actually, prophecy isn't exactly fate. You have control over your life. The prophecy tells of what you will do, what you see fit to do, not what you are forced to do."

With the wizards little speech, you feel better about what's happened. The wizard asks you what you want to do.

"Apparently," you say, "I'm stuck here whether I like it or not. Since I can't go back to my place...I'd like to settle down. Not get involved with anything."

The wizard agrees, and tells you of a perfect spot that he knows of to settle in, but it's a long journey.

On that journey get to know the wizard better. He's young, but he had been trained since an infant. He has jet black hair and a goatee, and wears a flowing blue robe.

At first the wizard was going to bubble travel you two after you reached the river that was a short walk away. However, on the journey he finds a stick that he says has magical qualities. He conjured up a huge force that carved the stick into a magical staff. However, in doing this he spent all of his magical energy, so now you must make the seven days walk.

On the walk you get used to your bouncing breasts and your strange frame. You get used to the idea of being a woman, and your thinking voice gradually grows to match your feminine one.

You make the journey with the wizard.

Written by an anonymous author

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