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The garden divided

You're approaching the talking kumquat, when suddenly you hear yet another voice from behind.

"NO! Stay away from it!" You jerk, or quickly roll your body as it were, to glance in the direction of the sound, but your body's momentum causes you to roll back toward the talking, sexy kumquat. Just then, the sexy kumkaut begins to roar and shake ... until it finally explodes, just feet from your position. Suddenly you realize that the exploded kumkaut was destroyed, not by spontaneous combustion, but rather, some external force. A weapon! You begin to run, or, roll quickly as it were, away from the direction of the blast, your fear overcoming your curiosity. Suddenly, dozens of kumquats jump from nearby dirt mounds, clad in miniature rambo combat gear and toting strange retro-futuristic ray guns...

The ray guns are pointed at you...

Written by Captain Cougar (edited by wanderer)

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