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Like a kangaroo you wanted to be fast and agile

It must have been a freudian slip. First a kumquat because you were taken by suprise, then a kangaroo because that animal was in charge. But now...a car? Well it was an object of interest growing up, always wanted the best hotrod on the block but didn't have the money for that so you settled for this econobox. But since you've unconciously slipped into this form and now knowing such a thing is possible, why not go for broke? You start to morph into a thing with only two wheels, a powerful motor with the power to weight ratio better than a formula one car. Sleek faring panels, sticky rubber and braking power that is so predictable. A cross between a Valkyrie and an Aprilia Mille. You move out and find the best mix of fast sweeping corners and tight technical twists. But it's not enough!

Written by twodear

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