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Bugs or Roger?

"I'd love to", you gush. "You know, I actually had a "thing" for Roger Rabbit, but then I found out he was already married - or something. Now that I've met you, though, I wonder what I ever saw in him."

Bugs snorted. "Ahhh, that guy's a real maroon, ya know! Don't know one end of a baseball bat from de uddah. He does have a great eye in dames, though." He chews on his carrot for a moment before continuing. "Woid is, Jessica needs a REAL rabbit to give her what he can't."

"Wait a minute!", you plead. "You don't need her! I'm available! I'm twice as sexy as she is, and I'm already here - just for you!"

He takes a long look at you. "Ya know, actually ya ain't bad at dat. Only trouble is, yer changing more inta a cat than a bunny."

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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