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A Run-in With the Law

"Um, no officer, I haven't seen anything. Um, well, i'd better be going now, I've got to go ..." You falter for an excuse until one comes to mind. "I've got to go pick my brother up from the airport." The officer looks at you, then waves his hand to let you pass.

"That was a strange one" the officer comments to his ride-along.

"I can see you know how to follow instructions, boy", says the Kangaroo once you're safely away from the roadblock.

"Yes, Mr. Roo. The airport's not far from here."

"Good. Now step on it, I've got to get there fast."

You shove your foot against the accelerator. After a few minutes, though, you hear a wailing sound coming from behind.

"Now you've done it", the Kangaroo snarls. "You mess up, you're history. Got it?"

"Yes, sir" is all you dare say as the malevolent marsupial hides in the back seat once more.

The police car comes to a halt as you brake toward the sidewalk, and the officer comes up to your window. Suddenly, you realise it's ...

Written by Jen (edited by wanderer)

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