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My Hero

When you regain consciousness, your skin once more is intact; in fact, your entire body somehow has been returned to its original state. You open your eyes and see a large anthropomorphic walrus putting the final stitches in your left ankle. He tips his cap to you when he notices that you are awake.

"Thank you so much for saving me from that awful music," you tell the walrus. "How can I ever repay you?"

The walrus scratches his chin. "Well, I still am looking for the first album by The Chocolate Watchband," he replies. "Did you hear that they reformed?" You shake your head, and the walrus laughs. "Just having a little fun at your expense," he says. "The continuation of your life is thanks enough, although I could use some help on a very important mission. Too dangerous, though, so never mind."

Written by Joey Liverwurst

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