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Discovery in the Forest

You slam the car into park and jerk the door open. Stricken with terror, you notice the trees by the road and run for safety on the heels that you know will be ruined by morning. While crossing the drainage ditch, you notice that your face and chest are covered with a thick, sticky fluid. You recognize the salty, metallic taste and realize that the fluid is blood. Panic grips you, but you try to keep a clear head and continue on your way. Once in the cover of the forest, your panic slowly slinks away into the shadows, and you are consumed by a need to find answers to the questions that are racing through your mind.

While considering your options, you notice a light coming from behind a thick clump of trees. Investigating the light source was not one of the options you considered, but seems fairly harmless. You think to yourself, "What else could go wrong? I wrecked my car, which is now a hideous pink, ran over a sign, I'm a woman, covered in blood, lost in a forest, running around on a pair of broken $600 Italian pumps and damn it....I broke a nail!!"

Written by gelcoat (edited by wanderer)

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