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Harpax comes.

The Harpax then saw a Rebel Frigate, two Corvettes, and a few starfighters. Both the Chimera and Harpax launched TIEs. The Frigate Hunttress fired at the Harpax, but it's sheilds deflected the fury. The Chimera fired at the lead Corvette, a ship called the Dangershot and it exploded in a firey ball. The Hunttress fired again and scored the Interdictor's hull. The other Corvette, called the Warhead had it's bow melted by the Chimera leaving it to tumble out in space. Then the Harpax started to fire, soon it's guns were blazing, and the Frigate flew in half. The Rebel starfighters blasted into hyperspace. Thrawn flicked on his comlink and said "Men you have done very well, proceed into hyperspace!"

Written by Alexander Stephen Fittinghoff

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