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You, the one who stole the wizard's powers, are turned into a pony..

Passing out from what felt like a heart attack of catastrophic proportions, you awake to a horrific sight. You, for reason's known only to the powers that be. Are now a miniture, odd colored stallion of a cartoon like design.

You are flabbergasted, not only beyond the point of questioning you masculinity. but also because you do not recognize this new world you just 'Happen' to be in.

You want to be sick, your body trembles as you fight to regain what is unfortunately, yourself.

For you know where you are and despite the fact that many have dreamed of being here you where not among them. Gritting you teeth and oddly enough shaking a 'hoof.' You scream the wretched name of your nightmarish doom!


Written by Omega

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