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Taco del Sol

It was the sun glinting off a taco del Sol sign.

"Mmm, tacos. I could go for some tacos. How about you?" you look at the Kangaroo. "Sure," she says.

"I didn't know Kangaroos ate tacos," you say as you pull into the drive through.

"They don't. I'm not your average kangaroo."

You get a triple combo burrito and 5 tacos for the kangaroo... Extra guacamole.

On the way to the place, you stop at sea world. The kangaroo enjoys watching the killer whales and dolphins do tricks.

Then you stop at the world famous San Diego zoo. Because she wants to see some friends who moved there from Austalia.

Standing outside the kangaroo enclosure, the kangaroo is talking to one of her friends when you hear a shout. One of the game keepers sees her and thinks she's one kangaroo that got loose.

"She's not one of the kangaroos..," you try to explain.

Written by Jammy

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