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You reach out and touch the mirror in disbelief, only to have your hand go right through it! The rest of you soon follows. You then float toward a strange bright portal and are pulled through. You fall onto the grass hard and the portal disappears. Your vision is a bit blurred at first, but soon clears. Then you finally get a look at your surroundings. You are smack dab in front of what seems to be the most incredible castle you've ever laid eyes on. It's mostly ivory white and has the symbols of golden hearts painted on the doors. It's massive as you can't see how high it goes. Then your memory snaps back to the image you saw in the mirror. Quickly, you get up and brush yourself off, then get a look at your body. Your definitely still female as you clearly can see and feel breasts where the bulges in your pink outfit are. Wait, pink? Something about this seems familiar. You look to your side and see a small case attached to a belt that goes around your pink mini-dress. You are wearing a white halter top underneath it. To fully confirm the outcome you are now contemplating, you look at your feet. Sure enough, there are pink tennis shoes adorning your feet. To be absolutely sure, you pull a strand of hair in font of your eyes. Yep, it's fiery red. You now know without a doubt who you are. You are Kairi straight from Kingdom Hearts 2. But even having played many Kingdom Hearts games, this place doesn't seem to ring a bell. You think hard for a second and then you notice the grassy area you are standing in is surrounded by waterfalls. The bizarre thing is the water seems to be rising not falling! Suddenly, you remember where you encountered mysterious rising falls in a certain game. This is Hollow Bastion! But if that's so, why does the castle look so incredible as though it has never been touched by evil hands? Another revelation suddenly hits you. This might be Hollow Bastion before it was Hollow Bastion. Then that means it's actually . . . Radiant Garden!! You are in Kairi's home world!! Then you look down at your hand and notice something is forming in it. With a flash of brilliant light, a Keyblade appears!! It's Destiny's Embrace, the one Riku gave Kai . . . err . . . you in The World That Never Was!! As if it's some kind of cue, Heartless begin rising from the ground. But, no problem, you can wield a Keyblade, right?

Written by adventdestiny7

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