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Anyone for Cocktails?

You head to the bar on the corner as your thirsty and could use something with a little kick. As you enter, all the guys eyes suddenly focus on you as though you are the center of attention. Naturally, all the women look at you menacingly, but your a witch and you can just turn them into frogs or whatever so you don't pay them any mind. You order a Strawberry Daiquiri on the rocks and the bartender goes to get it. Then an idea forms in your head. This guy makes this place so boring, but what if it were a girl behind that counter? A twisted smile makes its way across your face. So, as soon as he returns with your drink, you ask him if he'd like to talk outside for a bit.

"Well, okay, I guess it couldn't hurt" he says

"Right this way then" you say leading him to a secluded area

"Umm . . . why are we all the way out here?" he asks looking around

"Because I'm not satisfied with the way you run this place. But I've got the perfect solution" you reply licking your lips.

"What do you me . . . "

Before he can get the full question out, you wave your hands and he becomes a barmaid.

"Oh my god, I'm a woman! What the heck were you thinking? Are you out of your mind?"

"Hey, relax, hon. I've done you a favor, your bar will be much more popular now and very soon, you'll ease right into your new role anyway. By the way, to everyone else, you have always been a woman, so don't worry about not being recognized. Bye bye now, have fun gorgeous!"

Before "she" can retort, you walk off smiling.

'What other fun can I have?' you think

Written by adventdestiny7

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