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Riding the ferris wheel

"Oh, boy! Let's get some cotton candy, girls!"

"Girls, go ahead and take your seats," Christina orders. Obediently, you and Britney sit down and start to strap yourselves in for your ferris wheel ride. It's a little tricky getting your seat belt to wrap around your waist with your poufy pink dress on, but you manage to accomplish this task. You try to straighten your pettis out and keep your frilly panties covered as best you can in your short little girl dress.

You look over at Britney and see her having the same difficulty. "She just had to put us in these poufed up dresses," she grumbles, glaring toward Christina. "For a trip to the fair."

Christina does not seem to notice Britney's angry glance at her. She smiles as she watches both of you get ready for your ride.

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