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The woman finally decides to stop pummeling your vagina, but that's not what you're worried about. You see a terribly evil sparkle in her eyes, like a nurse about to pull the plug on an asthmatic patient, or a father about to tell his daughter that he doesn't love her, and rape her while it's sinking in.

Instead of all those things, however, it's much worse. She whips out a dagger longer than Route 5 California, and jabs it into your vagina. You shriek like never before, a blood curdling shriek terrible enough to make German soldiers cry, piercing enough to startle the deaf, and loud enough to wake up penises with erectile dysfunction. Metaphors aside, she withdrew her dagger and began jabbing it rapidly in and out of your pussy again, until it bled and the dagger was covered with red stains and vaginal hair.

As soon as you thought it couldn't get any worse..

Written by Sini

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