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While You Were in a Coma...

As you enjoy the feeling of being taken apart and put back together again like Legos, a brown wolfman by the name of Joseph F. Watson is enjoying the feeling of Starbarks coffee going down his throat as he sat down in front of the Wolfstown Museum. But calling Mr. Watson a "wolfman" only helps you understand him more.

You see, in this paralel (to you) universe, the humans decended from wolves instead of monkeys. So calling him that would be like calling you a monkey man.

But anyway, the reason Mr. Watson here was enjoying an overpriced cup of joe was because he had just made the most profitable purchase, as curator, in Wolfstown Museum history. Said purchase was a 20 foot tall slab of sandstone engraved with prophetic ramblings. The Prophecy, as it is called, says (in a nutshell) that someday, a ball of fire will fall from the sky, bringing with it a white wolf that will bring the world peace and harmony. Mr. Watson snorts and says, "What BS that thing is. Whatever drugs the ancients were taking back then, were pretty strong to make them put that crap on there." But Mr. Watson had more pressing matters than crazy rocks. He had to set up a meeting with a artist that says he has some pa...

BLAM!!!! Instantaneously, a crater was carved not 15 feet away from Mr. Watson, causing him to spit out his coffee and fall down. As he recovered from the blast, Mr. Watson tentitavly steped towards the ten foot crater. When he peeked over the rim of the crater, he saw a- no THE white wolf in the center . He says "Oh, my god! Those crazy ancients weren't so crazy after all!" Then he realized that every apendage the wolf had was twisted in ways arms or legs should never ever be twisted. And that the ragged breathing of the celestial wolf was getting shalower by the second. "Oh shit!" Mr. Watson exclamed, "Someone an ambulance!"

Written by The Incredible Anyonomus Man

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